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PT Aksel Kreasi Utama
Fast growing company who focus on delivering professional solution in lighting specifically and electrical/architectural in general. Based in Jakarta, AKU is strived to become preferred providers for leading and Top brand in Indonesia. AKU is focusing on commercial and industrial segment including replacement and upgrading market. We have been in lighting industry since 2002. Our group was appointed as first Professional Channel Partner of Philips for Government Segment in Jabodetabek. Having extensive experience and networks in project business –We set the pace extending our coverage as well portfolio to serve B2B market. In 2013, AKSEL KREASI UTAMA was established in Jakarta to tap opportunities and serve commercial segment –we carry two prominent brands : Philips Lighting and ABB Low Voltage and Building Automation as our domain. And, 2015 onward –We will promote energy efficient and monitoring solutions with Nitto as technology partner. We achieved excellent years and strive to satisfy customers by offering partnership in total solutions that could help their business efficient, green and growing healthier. Why Join With us? We are fast-growing company that is expanding across Indonesia to deliver professional solutions to B2B; seeking dedicated; mature individuals to grow together. We offer work freedom and entrepreneurship for one to develop.
Vision & Mission


  1. Provide BEST Solutions + Services in class that add values to customers + stakeholders
  2. Strong Partnership + Networks
  3. Professional, Accelerating Organisation


  1. Preferred & Leading Solution Providers
  2. Partners that delivers BEST Quality
  3. Sustainably profitable and high growth